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Breast Augmentation Stuttgart Area - Testimonials
Questions? Call me! +49 (0)7031 -20 91 20
Breast Augmentation - Testimonials

Breast Augmentation - Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient Testimonial: Breast Enlargement
I had Dr. Osthus enlarge my breasts in November 2012, something I had wanted for a long time. I chose Dr. Osthus because I really felt I could trust him to advise me well and take good care of me, and I wasn't disappointed. I had an A cup before and now I'm a good B. My new breasts fit my body perfectly and I'm really super satisfied with the result of the operation. I can only warmly recommend Dr. Osthus – he really takes excellent care of his patients before, during and after surgery. My heartfelt thanks to him and his team – if you want to be sure you're in the best of hands, then see Dr. Osthus!
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient testimonial: Breast augmentation surgery
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Osthus by sharing my personal experience with others. I had breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Osthus and I'm more than happy with the outcome. The operation really changed my life. I didn't even have an A cup before, and now I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin and get compliments all the time. Dr. Osthus was very understanding and gave me all the facts and the advice I needed to make an informed decision. He gave me sizers to try so I could decide what size I wanted. I felt so comfortable with the insert that I would have just left it on if I could have. The operation was no problem at all and was over almost before I knew it, and though I did have some pain afterwards, it was manageable with the medication I received (I was glad I was prepared for it, though). Dr. Osthus took great care of me after the operation, too – he called several times to ask how I was doing and could always be reached on the phone. I can only recommend him.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient Testimonial: Breast Augmentation
Before my breast augmentation surgery, there was an in-depth consultation session where I was given various sizers to try out. You insert them into your bra to see what size feels right, and they're great. Why don't all doctors use those instead of just rattling off standard sizes and giving you a bunch of abstract figures that mean nothing to you, like so many of them do? The operation went very well and the staff was great – super professional. You can really tell that they work together as a team and know exactly what they're doing, and the care I received in the private clinic during the operation and my one overnight stay afterwards was superb. Highly to be recommended.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Osthus
I had breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Osthus four weeks ago and I'm really thrilled with the result! Dr. Osthus took plenty of time to explain the procedure during the operation and to answer all my questions. He gave me different silicone sizers to try on so I could decide what implant I wanted him to use, and my breasts turned out exactly the way I wanted. The operation went smoothly and without any complications, and the team was very attentive and caring. I would do it again anytime:)
Source: estheticon.de

I feel more feminine, more confident and much happier now
I had my breasts enlarged by Dr. Osthus and I'm very, very happy with how they turned out. Dr. Osthus explained everything to me so that I felt totally reassured and wasn't nervous at all. Dr. Osthus showed me the silicone implants he uses and we tried out different "sizers" to find the size that was right for me. The result is incredible, and I can tell from other people's reactions, too. I also have to say that Dr. Osthus and his team were very obliging and could always be reached on the phone. I had some pain, but it wasn't too much of a problem. I can really recommend Dr. Osthus. I'm so glad I had the operation with him – I feel much more feminine and confident and I'm so much happier now. I can only recommend him. THANK YOU TO DR. OSTHUS AND HIS TEAM.
Source: estheticon.de

Breast Enhancement – Great Results
After two pregnancies, my bust had shriveled to practically nothing (75 A) and I was really quite unhappy with my body. I went to Dr. Osthus for breast enhancement surgery and I'm super satisfied with the outcome. I feel so much better and more confident now. The consultation session was great. He explained everything in language that was easy to understand and had me try on different inserts in my bra before we decided what size was best. The ambiance in the clinic was so pleasant that my anxiety practically disappeared. I needn't have been apprehensive, anyway: Everything went perfectly, and the pain wasn't that bad, either. I have absolutely no regrets about having the surgery – it was the best decision I ever made. Thank you so much to the entire team.
Source: estheticon.de

Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants (original english testimonial- not translated)
American girl super happy
I highly recommend Dr Osthus. As an American he did his best to accept the VAT form and not only that but actually listened to what I had to say and with his expertise he guided me into getting the result I was looking for. My husband and I are super happy with the results 8 weeks out so far.
Source: estheticon.de

I feel more feminine and more confident thanks to breast augmentation surgery
After years of doubts and thinking it over, I finally decided to have breast augmentation surgery this spring. After a long search to find the right doctor, my Internet research led me to Dr. Osthus in Leonberg. His likeable manner and the sensitivity and humor (which was never inappropriate) he displayed during the preliminary consultations impressed me right away. But of course you can't really tell how good someone actually is until after the procedure or operation; unfortunately the difference between theory and practice can be enormous in that regard, as I know from experience. But I wasn't disappointed in that respect, either. I'm very satisfied with the care I received at the private clinic before and after the operation – and especially with the result, of course. My breasts look fabulous and fit in perfectly with the rest of my appearance. Dr. Osthus not only has his skill and superb work to recommend him, he's also very warm and caring. My sincere thanks go to him and to his team members, Ms. Winter and Ms. Schenk, who were exceedingly professional and accommodating. I can highly recommend them and hope that this review will encourage others to go in for a consultation.
Source: estheticon.de

Super satisfied after my breast enlargement
I had breast enlargement surgery with Dr. Osthus about four months ago. The initial consultation was very informative. Dr. Osthus was extremely thorough and explained the pros and cons of the different operation methods and implants to me in detail. He came across as so calm, competent and likeable that I decided to forget about consulting other doctors and called to schedule a date for the operation two days later. I can only say hats off to Dr. Osthus and the whole team at the ArteSoma clinic. From the consultation with the anesthetist to the operation itself and the subsequent recovery phase, the treatment I received was capable and caring from the moment I was admitted to the moment I was released – and I even went out for lunch the very next day! I'm really happy with my new breasts: They go with my body perfectly and I feel totally comfortable in my own skin now. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you ever so much to Dr. Osthus and his team!
Source: estheticon.de

Breast enhancement – patient recommendation on IMEDO
I had breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Osthus and am more than satisfied with the result. The preliminary consultation was first-rate and very thorough, and the team was super, so that I felt totally comfortable and well taken care of both before and after the operation. I can absolutely recommend him.
Source: imedo.de

Breast augmentation – patient recommendation on IMEDO (original english testimonial- not translated)
I had a breast augemention in April. After years of going back and forth with the idea I finally made my decision. Findling Dr Osthus was a blessing!!! Everything was so perfect from day one. I recieved an appointment for a consultation quickly, I was shown the different ways of which a breast augementation could be done, which implants were available . I then recieved an appointment 2 months later. I went in on the Monday Morning was greeted by nothing but professionlism the team he has are amazing so friendly , warm and caring! A reflection on Dr Osthus himself.I was so nervous but that quickly went away with the caring Team he has. I was taken to my room which was so clean , almost felt like a hotel room. Within an hour or so I was taken in for my surgery. The surgery went well, my breast are perfect they look so natural you can barely see the scars and it is only 2 months later. I would reccommend Dr Osthus to anyone BRILLIANT. I feel like a new woman !!!
Source: imedo.de

Breast Enlargement Surgery – patient recommendation on DOCINSIDER
I had my breasts enlarged with implants by Dr. Osthus and I can only say I'm really totally happy with how they turned out. Dr. Osthus took a lot of time for the consultation. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods to me in detail, and he had a set of inserts we used to find the right size implant for me. I was quite anxious before the anesthesia and the operation, but Dr. Osthus was very empathetic and took the time to reassure me and calm me down – I really give him a lot of credit for that. He checked on me after I woke up and even called the clinic that evening especially to ask how I was doing. The result is just fabulous. I always felt I was in the best of hands with Dr. Osthus and his friendly team. I can recommend him without any reservations and would have another operation with him anytime!
Source: docinsider.de

Patient testimonials and reviews are posted on a number of different websites that aim to help those considering surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures find qualified doctors in their area and where patients can share their experiences. Finding reviews pertaining to a particular doctor and/or a specific procedure from among dozens or even hundreds of posts can be quite time-consuming – all the more so for non-native German speakers. For this reason we collected the testimonials given by our patients relating to a certain procedure and have listed them under the respective heading here on our website for your convenience. To remove the language barrier, we have also provided English versions, which were done by a professional translator to ensure that the English is idiomatic and faithful to the intention and meaning of the original rather than a word-for-word translation.
The testimonials on this page are provided for general information purposes only and cannot take the place of a personal consultation. If you want to know more about Breast Augmentation in the Stuttgart area, give us a call at +49 (0)7031 - 20 91 20 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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