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Labiaplasty – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Great Result!
Dr. Osthus was very friendly when I went in for the consultation session. He answered all the questions that were on my mind and explained the different techniques and options to me so I could decide which one I wanted. The operation went according to plan and there were no hassles. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff – everyone was very caring and did whatever they could to make me feel comfortable and at ease. Since I had the operation under local anesthesia, I was able to go home right away. I did have quite a bit of pain for the first three or four days afterwards, but I was able to manage all right thanks to the tips Dr. Osthus gave me and plenty of cool packs. And it was definitely worth it! I didn’t expect that the result would be so amazing once the swelling had subsided. Every day, I’m grateful that I overcame my reluctance and finally had surgery. I can absolutely recommend Dr. Osthus and his team without any reservations whatsoever! If I ever needed surgery again, I would go back without a moment’s hesitation.

The best professional advice and care
Professional advice and care that meets the highest standards – from the initial consultation to the follow-up appointments! I had a labial reduction with Dr. Osthus a few weeks ago and I’m completely satisfied with how it went and with the outcome of the surgery. The staff was really nice and very helpful when it came to finding a convenient time for me. Dr. Osthus took a lot of time to explain everything to me so that I would know exactly what to expect. Everything went according to plan on the day of the operation, and the entire team was very attentive and accommodating. I had two follow-up appointments and I could really tell that Dr. Osthus genuinely cares about his patients. I can warmly recommend Dr. Osthus to anyone who values quality!!

Labial Reduction Surgery
I had labial reduction surgery with Dr. Osthus and can recommend him and his team without any reservations. Dr. Osthus’s warm, friendly manner put me at ease right away. He took a lot of time to explain and discuss everything with me beforehand and had an open ear for me and asked how I was after the operation, as well. And I was just fine: I got exactly the result I wanted and it turned out just the way he said it would. I’m really satisfied and I’m glad I had the operation with Dr. Osthus. It was quite a trip to Leonberg [the office has since moved to Böblingen], but it was really worth it! I’ll be coming back for sure – thank you!

Labiaplasty – perfect! Thank you!
It’s been five months since I had labiaplasty and I’m thrilled with how it turned out – even now, not a day goes by where I don’t think how glad I am I had surgery. I feel so much more self-confident now – no more hiding in the sauna out of embarrassment, and I’m much less inhibited with my partner, too. Dr. Osthus and his staff were very nice and extremely professional, and my experience was pleasant throughout, from the initial consultation to the operation itself and the follow-up appointments afterwards. Of course it does hurt a bit the first two or three days after the operation, but the pain is bearable. I had no complications whatsoever, and Dr. Osthus gave me some good tips on what to do at home to keep pain to a minimum and speed the healing process. I can recommend Dr. Osthus without any reservations!

Labiaplasty – Totally satisfied
I decided on Dr. Osthus because of the many recommendations from patients, and I wasn’t disappointed. When I went in for the consultation, he was very friendly and explained the different options to me carefully, and I always had the feeling that what I wanted really mattered. The surroundings and staff were very pleasant during the operation and I’m more than happy with the outcome – it’s even better than I had hoped. I can wholeheartedly recommend having this procedure done with Dr. Osthus to any woman. The whole team is really friendly and you feel very well taken care of. I would have another operation with them anytime.

Medical advice, operation and care – excellent all around
Having a labial reduction was something I’d been thinking about for a long time and always kept putting off. But even just riding my mountain bike was really painful sometimes and I was tired of always trying to hide from others’ view in the sauna because I felt self-conscious, so I decided it was time to finally do something about it.
When I went in for the initial consultation, Dr. Osthus was extremely tactful and really covered every aspect of the subject. We scheduled a date for the surgery just two weeks later. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia in Dr. Osthus’s office, which is appointed with state-of the-art equipment, and I have to say it wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I imagined. The operation went smoothly, and thanks to plenty of rest, cool packs and fastidious hygiene, the pain wasn’t all that bad. My sutures took a bit longer to heal, but I guess that varies quite a bit from individual to individual. When it turned out that I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with the result, Dr. Osthus offered to correct it and scheduled a second procedure without delay and free of charge. I found that very fair and decent of him, but it’s certainly not something every doctor would do! Meanwhile my wounds have healed completely, and I can ride my bike without pain and take a shower in the gym without feeling self-conscious. If you have the same problems I did and enlarged labia are making your life miserable, I can only urge you not to put off having surgery any longer. I’m more than happy to recommend Dr. Osthus and his incredibly nice team – absolutely and 100 percent!

Labiaplasty – it’s worth it!
From the initial consultation to the operation itself and the follow-up care – I’m 100% satisfied with the professional advice and treatment I received from Dr. Osthus and his staff, and the result is great! I can really recommend this doctor and his team with absolute conviction. A big thank you and best regards from Horb.

Patient Recommendation – Labiaplasty
My daughter and I are happy to recommend Dr. Osthus and his team. My daughter wasn’t quite 18 and her enlarged labia had made her really miserable for a long time. We looked for a qualified specialist on the Internet and were impressed with the many positive testimonials from patients on Dr. Osthus’s website. We finally decided to actually go through with it and schedule an operation this past summer, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. Dr. Osthus is a very capable, sensitive doctor and we wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to consult him again. Many thanks to him and his staff.

Patient Recommendation – Labiaplasty
I had a labiaplasty with Dr. Osthus, and I can say that the consultation was excellent and everyone was very friendly and caring. I didn’t feel anxious about the procedure at all, and I felt no pain whatsoever under the local anesthetic. The first couple of days after the operation are bearable if you rest and apply cool packs, and the pain had subsided completely after about two weeks. I’m totally satisfied with the outcome of the operation – now I finally enjoy riding my bike again. Dr. Osthus and his team were really friendly and helpful and I liked them a lot. If I ever decided to have another surgical procedure, I would go to see Dr. Osthus again right away.

Patient Recommendation – Labiaplasty
I had a labial reduction with Dr. Osthus and I can recommend him and his staff without reservations. Dr. Osthus’s warm, friendly manner put me at ease right away, and he took a lot of time to explain everything and discuss the operation with me beforehand. Afterwards he had an open ear, too, and checked with me to ask how I was. And as a matter of fact, I felt great: The result was exactly what we had agreed – just the way I wanted it. I’m really satisfied and glad that I had the operation with Dr. Osthus. The trip to Leonberg [translator’s note: The office has since moved to Böblingen] was absolutely worth it for me, and I’m sure I’ll be going back again. Thank you.

Patient Recommendation – Labiaplasty
I had surgery with Dr. Osthus to correct my very conspicuous outer labia. The consultation was very thorough and the staff was extremely nice and took wonderful care of me. The operation wasn’t all that painful and I healed a lot faster than I expected. I’m thrilled with the result and I can only urge all women out there suffering from enlarged labia like I was to have reduction surgery. Dr. Osthus is a great doctor and I’m very grateful to him.

A doctor you can really trust – very capable and totally discreet!
I had labial reduction surgery a year ago, and I felt extremely well advised and cared for by Dr. Osthus and his team from the very first moment. I had a comprehensive reduction and the result totally exceeded my expectations. Everyone on the staff was totally professional – very discreet and sensitive, so that I never felt embarrassed or self-conscious. Thank you very much!

Excellent marks on all counts!!
I had labiaplasty with Dr. Osthus a few weeks ago, and I’m really satisfied with how it turned out! Dr. Osthus and his team were really caring. They scheduled appointments that were convenient for me, and everything went beautifully – from the comprehensive initial consultation to the surgery and the two follow-up appointments. Very highly recommended!!

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